Wednesday, 24 April 2019

18 months after rehabilitation...

Well, I couldn't ask for a better start to the day than an email like this one. It comes from Amy whose mare Tabby was here 18 months ago - scary how fast the time has gone because if you had asked me I would have said it was just last year!
Amy says: "Just thought I'd give you an update on Tabby. She is doing really well, she has been good for a long time now but recently has been able to walk down a really stoney path which she has never done before.

She is also back out jumping! Nothing groundbreaking but for her this is incredible. She loves it as well! I will attach some pictures from today. We have a summer planned full of jumping, dressage and eventing.

Thankyou so much for all your help with her. It has changed both our lives.

Feel free to use pictures wherever you like if it helps anybody wondering whether to go barefoot."
Fabulous, and all credit to Amy because its day to day hard work that enables changes like this to happen. I think they both look fantastic and I am thrilled for them!


Kristofor Parker said...

I’m currently looking into more of your blog for inspiration. I was recommended to it. I’m a professional hunter/jumper rider in the US. My question is...I work for a show barn and have been given a client off to college horse to start back. I started in September 2018. He slowly came back and we’re showing in the 2’6” hunters. Eventually moving up to 3’ he came out “ouchy” again so he’s been on rest. He, many moons before me, pull his collateral ligament. Went on stall rest tried coming back was off and then stall rest again with no shoes until I started him. Since he is not my horse, this is kind of more of a knowledge learning experience for me but after research I can’t really find a concrete Answer on getting the horse to stay sound after an injury. Shoes, supplements? Help! Thank you.

Kristofor Parker said...

Please feel free to email me directly also at