Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Poppy's 4 week update

Moving onto Poppy for today's update, she was the soundest of the rehab horses when she arrived. She'd been out of shoes for several months and had a heel first landing which was a recent change for her from toe first.
She did have quite contracted frogs despite this and its good to see the back of her foot starting to become less pinched (the lower photo is the more recent. as usual).  
This foot is looking better balanced now and also has a stronger digital cushion though she still has a way to go - her frog is still relatively weak and I would expect her palmar hoof to develop a lot more over the next few weeks and months. 
No dramatic changes from this angle; her feet were already fairly neat when she arrived. 
 I like the fact that her frog is straighter and more central to her leg now but there is still an imbalance on this foot and its still weak as the ridge of sole demonstrates. 
Looking better from a palmar view but still stronger feet are required and will take time to grow. 

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