Thursday, 17 August 2017

Shannon's 8 week update

Shannon has now been here for nearly 8 weeks. She arrived in shoes with a very weak frog and digital cushion and a pronounced toe first landing.  
She is now, as you can just see, growing in a new hoof capsule at a much better angle. This will considerably shorten her toe once it has fully grown in.  
Shannon has been landing heel first for a few weeks now and although she is quite stiff her better landing is having a good effect on her feet. 

 The improvement is clearest from this angle where the development of the digital cushion is evident.

This is her worse foot as she has a sheared heel on this side. 
Again, there is a better angle of growth which will result in a more balanced hoof capsule. 
The sheared heel - or split central sulcus - is healing up thanks to the better stimulation from her now landing heel first and regular treatment with derma-gel. 

Of course Shannon has a lot of foot growing still to do but she has made a good start.  

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East Bound said...

How the hell can a shoeing job like that promote frog growth!? It's literally pinching and doing more harm than good. I think this post is going to send me to farrier "school". School is in quotes because I want to learn from the hoof not a book and I don't believe any school can give me that. I know many respected farriers I just need to see which onr will educate me properly