Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Dash's 12 week update

Dash is going home at the weekend so its time for his 12 week update. As you can see, he has made some big changes to his feet and there will be more to come as the new hoof capsule (the steeper angle which you can see in this lower photo) fully grows in. 
The new hoof capsule will give him a shorter toe and although it looks funky at the moment his feet should look very nice in a few more months. 
This is the business end - where the most important changes need to happen. There is already more structure to the digital cushion and better depth to the frog but this should steadily get better again as he continues with work.

The balance of his foot has also changed; instead of being weighted to the front, as it used to be, there is now a lot more development in the back third of the foot. No trimming has been necessary to achieve this; its a function of a healthier hoof growing in. 

Although these photos are at different angles I hope its still clear that the lower photo shows a stronger and more stable limb.  

This foot was in better shape than his right foot but still needed a much stronger digital cushion and frog.  

As with the right foot, much better balance in the hoof capsule now. I will upload his landing footage and post it here as soon as I can!

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