Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Jet's first four weeks

This is Jet, the ex-racehorse who arrived with a diagnosis on MRI of navicular bone damage.
He had fairly "typical" ex-racehorse feet with under-run heels (above on day 1) and thin, flat soles.  
His photos are tricky to make out but you can see that he has already grown quite a bit of new hoof as the old nail holes, which you can see a quarter of the way up his foot in the first photo, are now at ground level. His foot is also changing at the back but the result at the moment is to make it look pretty odd from this angle. 
These photos give you a clearer idea of what is happening. The frog is broader now (below) than it was on day 1 (above) and his heels are less under-run. 

There is not an enormous amount of change from this angle but if you compare the hairline you can see it is more level in the lower photo (today) than it was when he arrived (above); a good indication that his digital cushion is rebuilding.

The picture on the right foot is similar, with reasonably good growth over 4 weeks and the palmar hoof beginning to develop. 

Now that Jet is landing better he is starting to work the frog and digital cushion more effectively and as a result its stronger today (below) than it was on day 1 (above). 

More on Jet soon, as he still has lots of good changes to make over the next few weeks. 

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