Thursday, 10 August 2017

Dallas changes her landing

Dallas has been here for 6 weeks now and its taken until now for her to change her landing. Many horses go from toe first to heel first relatively quickly but she has found it more difficult and its only really this week that she has started to engage the back of her foot properly.

Her landing was extremely toe first when she arrived and its proved a stubborn habit to change so its good to see the first tentative evidence of better movement in her video.

At the stage its still tricky to spot, even on slow motion footage, but the stills confirm that she is actually using her palmar hoof now. She should also begin to develop a longer stride as she becomes more confident with her new landing.

Footage here, for the hoof nerds:

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Unknown said...

I am somewhat new to the horse world. I am working on trying to muscle up the Tenessee Walker that I purchased back in April. Blogs like yours make all the difference in our learning.

Thank you and wishing you continued success!