Monday, 21 August 2017

New boy Freddie

With Dash going home at the weekend we also had a new arrival, a thoroughbred called Freddie. 

He has a fairly complex history with additional issues beside his lameness which may or may not impact on his rehab; we will know more as we get to know him better and start working him.
He has been diagnosed with DDFT damage to his left front but is landing toe first on both front feet and is lame and short-striding in trot on a circle, as you would expect. 
He has been shod up until the last year and there are aspects of his feet which are encouraging, as his frog is reasonably healthy and apart from a couple of cracks he has good hoof wall.
However as well as his toe first landing he has a medio-lateral imbalance, again on both feet, which means he is landing on the lateral side of his feet.
We will of course be monitoring him for change over the next few weeks and there will be more on him soon, I hope.

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