Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Welcome to Mordor

No, not that Mordor. This Mordor is our latest arrival, a fell pony whose regular job is driving, which makes a fun change as we haven't had too many driving horses (or ponies) here before.
Mordor arrived in Natural Balance front shoes and there was already lots to like about his feet. 
You can't see too much but he has a reasonably good frog and, like many ponies, a good digital cushion even in shoes. He is landing toe first however and also has a medio-lateral imbalance which means he is landing on the lateral edge of his feet, particularly the RF.

Fortunately Mordor does not live up to his name and is a very charming fellow who has settled in and made lots of friends even though he has only been here a few days.
 Out of shoes he is quite comfortable on our tracks by day and turned out in the field overnight and it will be interesting to see how quickly his feet start to change.
More on Mordor soon, of course. 

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