Wednesday, 17 June 2015

New girl Dakota

With apologies for the delay here are photos of new girl Dakota who arrived at the weekend. Unfortunately the blog website has been playing up but it seems to be behaving again now so here goes. 
 She is a Trakehner who arrived in shoes with a predominantly LF lameness and on MRI was diagnosed with navicular bone changes, a navicular bursa adhesion and related ligament damage.
She has the weak palmar hoof you would expect in a horse with this diagnosis and this is an area we will wish to see improve fairly quickly. 
As you can see, she was reluctant to weight the LF fully and it will clearly be some time before she is more comfortable on this leg.
I will of course be posting new photos on her over the next few weeks, and I hope the blog site will also now allow me to catch up on all the other overdue photos and videos I need to get through!

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