Thursday, 18 June 2015

New girl Willow

We had another new horse this week, this time a part-bred Arab called Willow who is, as you can see, a very pretty colour but has some issues with her feet.
She is already out of shoes but has had a recurrent lameness in the RF and MRI showed damage to the medial collateral ligaments and its clear from her stance that she is lacking medial support.
This is her better foot although she has a crack at the toe. I don't think this is a particular problem; it certainly isn't bothering her and it should clear up fairly quickly.
The sole shot shows that the crack only goes through hoof wall so its likely to be simply a pocket of mild infection which has led to the crack. 
Not a bad palmar hoof but its interesting to compare the balance on this foot with the RF, which is much more asymmetric when you look at the equivalent shot.
Lots to like about these feet overall, and I would hope that improving her balance and landing should be a relatively quick process.
The asymmetry in this foot is clear from the sole shot - the medial side is significantly less developed than the lateral so thats an area where we will be wanting to see change.

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