Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Mordor's 3 week update

Mordor has been here just over 3 weeks and its time for an update. He arrived in shoes, as you can see, but he had fairly strong feet which gave him a head-start. 
Today, out of shoes, his feet look quite good. The nail-holes have almost gone and his feet have no less support than they did in shoes - in fact if anything its the opposite and they are slightly less under-run.
Mordor's main problem was collateral ligament damage and this is usually linked to medio-lateral balance. On arrival he was landing on the lateral side of his feet and tipping medially. That has improved steadily over the last 3 weeks (as you can see in the footage below) and a more symmetrical foot is another good sign.

Although Mordor had a much better palmar hoof than many rehab horses when he arrived (and was landing heel first) his foot has become even stronger now that his frog is receiving good stimulus.

As with his RF, a nice hoof profile with a shorter toe and the nail-holes nearly gone. 

Mordor's frog is developing fast and even looks a little wild and woolly in today's photo but he is developing a more balanced and symmetrical foot and is still only at a relatively early stage. So far, so good and there are plenty more changes to come. 

Hard to see because of the light (sorry!) but a bulkier digital cushion and more balanced hoof walls in this foot too. 
Most importantly, his landings are better now and should improve still further over the next few weeks. 

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