Wednesday, 24 June 2015

4 week Teak

Teak has been here 4 weeks and is also due an update. She is TB who arrived out of shoes but with very flat feet. She had been kept barefoot in the past but her feet had really collapsed in shoes. 
Today she is showing some encouraging signs - more structure in the back of the foot, a less distorted hairline and an angle of new growth which will bring in a much stronger, shorter hoof capsule. 
Her flat feet of course meant that she was uncomfortable on hard, uneven ground but she is also becoming steadily more capable on that sort of terrain as her feet develop better soles and more concavity. 

Teak's lameness originated in the palmar hoof and its not hard to see why, with a weak digital cushion and frog. 
This has also started to improve over the last 4 weeks and is really starting to make a difference to her. 
Her LF wasn't quite as collapsed as her RF but there is a better angle of growth now at the toe on this foot as well. 

This is still an unbalanced foot of course and has a long way to go - her heels and bars are non-existent at the moment but should develop over the next few weeks. 

On the whole some good changes and an improvement in her movement as well, which is always the most important thing!

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