Monday, 20 October 2014

Sorry for the delay - internet issues - but here is Ernie at last

I meant to get these photos up this morning but the computer and the internet have been against me all day. Still, eventually here are Ernie's photos showing a comparison over the last 2 weeks. 
 With Ernie, as with most horses, we are looking for better frog and palmar hoof development and a stronger, more functional hoof. We are only a fortnight in so its early days but his frog and sole are working harder and his bars are straighter and more even. 
As ever, the caudal shots are some of the most interesting. Apologies that the angles are not identical but the frog and digital cushion are tougher and developing better today so lets hope that continues over the next couple of weeks.  

 Not a huge change from this angle but a slightly less deviated hairline is a good sign and his hoof capsule is growing at a decent rate as you can tell from the disappearance of the nail holes.

The central sulcus split is still evident on his RF but its improved slightly and hasn't stopped him from working the frog on this foot. 

Finally, here is Ernie's footage - again apologies that the new footage is so dark - the perils of October but I will get the halogen lights sorted out for shooting soon. 

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