Monday 13 October 2014

Felix' final update

It was a busy weekend here with lots of comings and goings, including Felix' return home to Wiltshire. His original blog post is here and its great to be able to compare his feet from the day he arrived (above) to today. 
There is a lovely new angle of growth which has grown in nearly two thirds of a new hoof capsule in 14 weeks. So for anyone who still thinks hooves take a year to change, think again once they are bare! Looking at his palmar hoof you can also see there is much more depth to the digital cushion (look at the hairline) as well as a better hoof/pastern axis. 
A healthier looking foot today with shorter hoof wall, a more robust digital cushion and stronger frog.  There is still a split in the central sulcus which will need to be kept clean tip its fully healed but its a lot better than it was.

Better frog, straighter bars, stronger sole and shorter toe. Good job Felix!

As with the other front foot, the development of his palmar hoof has meant he has a better hoof pastern axis. The more level hairline is as always a giveaway and his foot is now better able to support the limb.

Again, compare the hairline and you can see how the digital cushion has strengthened. Pinched, contracted heel bulbs like those in the top photo are always a sign of a deteriorating hoof. 
 You can also see from this angle how much stronger and more stable a shorter hoof wall is. 

 As with the LF, the main changes are a better frog, shorter toe and healthier sole but the whole foot is now more balanced under the limb.

 his stance today (below) isn't perfect but it looks a whole lot more comfortable than he was in shoes and, most importantly of all, he is much, much sounder.
I'm working my way through all the updates from this weekend as well as last week so I will get everything up as soon as I can. 

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