Tuesday 14 October 2014

Filly's final update

Like Felix, Filly went home on Sunday so its time for her update. Apologies for the differing angle of these photos but when there are 3 horses coming/going with 3 sets of owners and 3 sets of photos to take its not always possible to perfectly replicate. 
As you can see, she suffered a nasty abscess at the toe and although that has now resolved it has left a nice clear marker of how fast her hoof is growing. 
At the business end the comparison shots are clear. Like Felix yesterday, a hairline which is diving towards the ground is a sure sign of a contracting heel and in her original photos there is little or no depth to the digital cushion. 
The much greater depth is clearly visible today - all you need to do is compare the distance between hairline and hoof wall. Shorter, straighter hoof walls are more supportive along with a healthier frog. 
These photos were taken on arrival and immediately after shoes came off. 
The lower photo is the same foot a few weeks in. Still relatively weak, with a ridge of sole extending from the bars which is typical of thin, flat feet.  
Today (below) the frog is broader and healthier and the ridge of sole has disappeared as she has built better concavity and sole depth. No trimming has been required to achieve these changes, only work on varied terrain, a good diet and patience. Her new point of break-over (where the new hoof growth will hit the ground) is clear to see and will result in a much shorter toe in a few weeks' time. 

Again, a different angle for which apologies. Nevertheless the better digital cushion depth is clear when you look at the hairline and the angle of the new growth is also clear. This will result in a shorter toe and more supportive palmar hoof over the next few weeks and months. 

As with the LF, a stronger digital cushion, shorter hoof wall and healthier frog. This is all critical not only for hoof balance but for the integrity of the palmar hoof.

As you can see from these photos, the under-run heels on this foot were clear.
Today (below) the heels are much improved and considerably less under-run. The sole is tougher and not so flat and the toe, as with the LF, will become shorter over the next few weeks; as with the LF, her break-over is already coming in at the point where her toe will be once the new growth is complete. 

 As with Felix, her stance is to my mind much more balanced today and should improve further has she grows a fully balanced foot.
Here is the comparative footage for those interested in how her landing and loading have improved. 

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