Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Alfie's 10 week update

I missed posting Alfie's update last week so he has now been here 10 weeks and its long overdue. He had adequate hooves when he arrived but although he had been out of shoes for several months there was little development at the back of the foot as you can see in the top photo. 
However Alfie was keen to get going and was able to work on tougher surfaces relatively quickly which has helped to strengthen his feet considerably. His heels are now less under-run, his digital cushion is deeper and stronger, his toes have shortened and his whole hoof capsule looks more capable.
This is now a more balanced foot but his heels need to come back to be more supportive of the limb. This should continue to happen as he grows in a healthier hoof capsule. Overall, his foot is more symmetrical when you view it from the sole  - this is a key factor in checking whether his media-lateral balance has improved. 

A much stronger palmar hoof  - better frog and digital cushion development.
A similar picture on his LF though its not quite as good yet as his RF. 

There shouldn't be any question which is the healthier, surely?! 

Finally, here is his footage showing his landing today. He is now clearly heel first and loading both medial and lateral sides of his front feet evenly as he lands, which is great news. 

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