Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Bogie's 4 week update

Yet another computer go-slow but I've beat it into submission and managed to get one of Bogie's comparison photos up now that he has been here 4 weeks.
Bogie had been out of shoes for 6 months before he arrived but had a relatively weak palmar hoof, though still better than many which we see on horses arriving here. He also had fairly long hoof wall, particularly at the quarters and toe, which he is now shortening gradually.
As regular blog readers know, I normally include caudal and lateral comparison shots, but having reached this point last night my computer had a meltdown and I strongly suspect that its not long for this world. Since its 7 years old I shouldn't be entirely surprised but it will have an effect on blog posts tip I get it sorted. 

Sorry, but more as soon as I can get it fixed!

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