Sunday, 21 September 2014

New boy Bogie

New boy Bogie arrived a few days ago but in the rush to get the RRR photos and videos up his photos were pushed down the list - sorry Bogie!
Anyway, here they are now, with apologies. Bogie is continuing the theme as he is another chestnut thoroughbred and he had an MRI in January. This revealed navicular bone damage in both front feet, worse in the left, related ligament and navicular bursa inflammation and damage to the laminar attachment of the pedal bone.
Bogie was shod with heart bar shoes but his lameness didn't improve. He as taken out of shoes in March and although his feet have improved they are still weak so he was referred here to see if we could help him strengthen them. 
They aren't bad feet but he still has quite a weak palmar hoof although he can land heel first on a smooth surface. His soles are also rather weak - he struggles on tougher surfaces so this is another are we'd want to see improve. 
Not a terribly comfortable stance so lets see whether you can make some changes over the next few weeks - fingers crossed, Bogie.

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MrsD said...

poor thing looks so uncomfortable, fingers crossed