Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Lucky's 3 week update

Lucky arrived just over 3 weeks ago so its more than time for an update. He had come out of shoes several months before coming here so his feet already looked much healthier and his landing was only intermittently heel first so, as always, we are looking for improvement in the back of the foot. 
 Because his feet were already quite good the changes are a lot more subtle. There is an improvement in the strength of his heels and soles and he is in fact landing consistently heel first now, which is great. 
Again. only subtle changes - a slightly shorter toe and more depth to the digital cushion as you can tell if you compare the hairlines. Both signs of a stronger palmar hoof. 

These shots show more clearly where he is putting the work in and I would expect this to be better still in a few more weeks. 

The same small but important changes  - heels no longer so long or folded over and starting to move back. 

Shorter toe, stronger digital cushion and as a result better hoof pastern axis.

Footage to follow once I get on top of my uploading!

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