Monday, 1 September 2014

Felix and the 8 week update

Sophie came to see Felix yesterday and take him out for a ride - I can't believe its already 8 weeks since he arrived but even though he came in remedial shoes and pads he has made great progress and has been doing lots of roadwork for several weeks. 
This has enabled him to really get busy with growing a new hoof as you can see from the band of new growth at the top of his hoof capsule. His hoof/pastern axis is also better now as his palmar hoof has become stronger. 
In shoes and pads there wasn't much to see...
...but here is his foot today, starting to look much healthier.
This is where the most important changes are happening. 
As you can see, a healthier frog and digital cushion is helping to get rid of that central sulcus split as well. 
This was his lamest foot. Again, you can see the band of new, healthier growth at the top and that his heels are now less under-run - if you compare the hairline its no longer diving towards the ground at the back of the foot and there is more depth of digital cushion as well. 

Feix currently has a rather tatty frog on this foot but he is still happy to land heel first and it will look tidier very soon. In the meantime his shorter toe and stronger heels are also encouraging. 

Always nice to see the digital cushion start to rebuild. Felix has a way to go but has made such a great start - more on him soon!

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