Monday, 29 September 2014

A good weekend!

Massive congratulations to Krista and Buddy, who were out competing this weekend. The reason Bud looks so pleased with himself is because they went "double clear and 2nd over a v tricky and up to height xc"!
Equally massive congratulations to Susan and Abbey who despite having done little jumping qualified for the SJ at Beaver Hall Championship show and came 2nd :-) 

This is an even bigger achievement because Abbey (who was a rehab here 2 years ago) had a setback last year when he moved to a yard with richer grass than he could cope with. It was only a temporary blip and soon resolved, I am glad to say. However when I blogged about it last year it was partly because his vet hadn't understood about the importance of a heel first landing, so it ties in with Friday's post as well! 

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