Monday, 22 September 2014

Filly's 8 week update

I'm getting back onto the overdue updates on the rehab horses, which were delayed last week as I posted the RRR footage and photos. It didn't mean the rehabs got a break, though, and they were all working well last week which was great to see. 
So here is the official 8 week update on Filly. As you can see, the new hoof growth is well down now, despite her breaks from work a few weeks ago, and she has grown about a third of a hoof capsule in 8 weeks, which a good rate of growth for a horse in only light work. 

The toe will shorten again as the new hoof comes down and she is also showing better development at the back of the foot which is what we wanted to see. 
Straight out of shoes her frogs were ok but her heels were very under-run. 
Today although she has a long way to go before her hoof will be as healthy as it can be her heels and bars are stronger and in a more supportive place.

There is a clear difference between her weak digital cushion in shoes and the stronger palmar hoof she has now. She has been landing well on this foot over the last few weeks and that has really helped strengthen this foot. 

 This is the foot she has had most trouble with so far and as a result its not as much improved as the RF. She is nevertheless growing a new foot at a better angle and is slowly getting a stronger palmar hoof and digital cushion, which you can see if you compare the hairlines in the 3 photos.

Although her frog is much healthier than it was when she first came out of shoes it is still not as well developed as it could be and she will have to land better for a few more weeks before it really starts doing its job. 

A more balanced foot and a healthier digital cushion but still a way to go before its really functioning as well as it can.
Meanwhile, I took the chance to get new landing footage while I still had the Sony FS700 last week so new footage is on the clip below. Don't expect future footage to be such good quality, but it seemed a shame not to film them while I had the chance!

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