Monday, 24 February 2014

Why bar shoes don't work - or Peter's 12 week update

Peter went home yesterday so these are his 12 week update photos. The important points to compare are the heel and digital cushion, which as you can see are much less under-run and more robust today (below) than when he was in remedial shoes (above). 
As always, I find it ironic that the shoes which were supposed to be supporting his palmar hoof had actually prevented it from strengthening and developing as it should.
With sole shots of the same hoof in his shoes...
 ...immediately after the shoes came off...
...and after 12 weeks. His foot was very contracted and still has a way to go before either the medio-lateral balance or the palmar hoof is as good as it can be. Nevertheless, contrasting his frog and heels, particularly the lateral heel, this is a foot which is now heading in the right direction. 
Comparison shots of his LF show the same. 
 Again, ironic that the shoes which were aimed at "support" had in fact contracted and weakened his frog and distorted his heels.
After 12 weeks, the palmar hoof is beginning to recover but it will be another 3-4 months before his foot is as strong as it can be.

The caudal shots also show some interesting developments. The digital cushion is more stable and the foot much more balanced though there is still some uneveness which should improve as the new hoof capsule grows in fully. 

The RF is certainly much more evenly loaded and again, its clear from this angle that the bar shoes, far from providing support, were actually distorting the structures of the palmar hoof. 

Let's hope Peter continues to go from strength to strength!

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