Monday 3 February 2014

Cheshire Chester

New boy Chester arrived yesterday - he will be known as Cheshire Chester on the blog, as there was another horse called Chester here last year, but he came from Sussex :-)
Cheshire Chester has feet which don't look too bad but - like most of the horses who come here he has a toe first landing and has had recurrent lameness which blocks to the palmar hoof and which has not improved despite various drug therapies and remedial farriery. 
I would expect to see his frogs and heels strengthen over the next few weeks and for that toe to shorten as his foot rebuilds.
This is his lamest foot and its also the foot with the worse landing. If you compare with the LF its clear its also more under-run with less depth at the heel.
More on Cheshire Chester over the next few weeks. 


cptrayes said...

And what's the betting that his odd front on stance disappears too???


Nic Barker said...

He certainly wasn't standing well on Sunday when I took these photos but he already seems to be happier to stand square so it may have just been that he was a bit unsettled when he arrived - I hope so anyway :-)