Friday, 21 February 2014

Gemini - the sole shots

You asked for sole shots for Gemini and here they are. A good frog, on the whole, but not a perfectly balanced foot.  

 Some might call her feet flat but in fact they aren't. The soles may look flat but the collateral grooves are deep which is normally a sign of good depth in the hoof capsule.
There are still lots of aspects which need to improve and it will be fascinating to see how her feet change over the next few weeks.


cptrayes said...

Am I seeing right? She has an extended bar on one side of the foot only, and it's on the same side in each foot? Interesting!!!! I would have expected a mirror image.


Molly's hoof blog said...

interesting! THANKS! Is there anything you know about this horse's previous living conditions, i.e. surfaces, amount of exercise?