Friday, 28 February 2014

Roger's 6 week update

 Roger has now been here for 6 weeks. He arrived with multiple problems including a DDFT tear and a check ligament injury and had most recently injured his LF when he arrived as well.
Today I am pleased to say he is gradually improving in soundness and has been working well for the last few weeks. 
 His LF shows the biggest changes. It didn't look too bad when he arrived but was flat and under-run and he was landing very evidently toe first.
Today his palmar hoof is wider an stronger. His foot is still under-run but the balance of the foot is steadily moving to a more supportive place. 
From the lateral shots you can see how collapsed the palmar hoof had become. The stripe is a useful indicator of how the foot is growing and the dorso-palmar angle. 
Today the stripe indicates a less collapsed foot and you can see from this angle (and from the improved hairline) that there is beginning to be better depth to the digital cushion. A shorter toe is another encouraging sign.

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left field said...

So is this done just with movement? No trimming or body work? (Other than obvious dietary adjustment) so you to stimulate movement you ride them 10 km a day and how large is your track? Am trimming a friesian that gets ridden 3 times a week and rest of time paddock turn out. He is footy after trim (never been shod) he has no toe to remove. No callus but has substantial growth of Wall at heel and bars 1/2 inch and a lot of flare at quarters and flat feet. Owner wants me to leave wall on her footy horses . I think it's a diet and lack of movement issue as leaving that much wall on will cause other issues. ?( Want to link them in on this
post) they have your book ��