Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How much can we cover in a day...?

I am putting together the seminar I an running with Helen Spence on 8th March and thought it might be worth putting up as a blog post what we want to try and cover in case there are comments or requests for topics that people want to highlight here.  All feedback is welcome, whether you are coming to the seminar or not ;-)

  •   Assessing hoof health and basic biomechanics

We'll work with a variety of horses with differing standards of hoof health. The aim will be to learn to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each hoof, how hoof problems may be affecting the rest of the horse and his movement (or vice versa) and what the causes of those problems might be. 
  • Troubleshooting and owner power
Of course multiple factors can affect hooves, from conformation to diet, from tack to teeth, from the surfaces the horse lives and works on to metabolic issues. 

Diagnosis of illness or lameness is strictly a veterinary remit but once a diagnosis has been made there are many ways in which owners can use these factors to influence hoof health and biomechanics for the better.   

There are also some very simple ways in which owners can monitor their own horse's hooves and whether these are improving or not. 

  • Nutrition
We'll cover some nutritional essentials and its also a great chance to brainstorm about what does and doesn't work for different horses in different areas of the country. 

  • Management
We'll spend some time talking about practical management techniques which can enhance hoof health - using tracks, yards and "dead" areas, how to increase movement, reduce boredom and give horses the best possible management system with what you have available.

There are many ways in which the work our horses do impacts on their feet and we'll look at what types of exercise is useful in rehabilitation as well. 

We may even get onto the question of trimming  - when it can be helpful and when it may not be! Hope to see you there :-)


Unknown said...

Is virtual attendance possible? Via webinar would be great with audio and visuals but even audio live or recorded for later listening would have me signing up straightaway.

Pat v d B said...

Coudn't agree more with Nicole! I would love to be there but cannot for distance (South Africa). However, webinar can't work38338446 for me - any chance of a DVD being produced we can purchase for on going reference?

Unknown said...

Pat, DVD is a good suggestion. Why does webinar not work for you? No computer or internet?

Nic Barker said...

Hi guys, I'm not sure that webinar will be possible this time as most of it will be outdoors but your suggestions are great and we will definitely look into that for the future. Thank you!

cptrayes said...

When, where?

C :-)

Nic Barker said...

Northern Ireland - link is in the first line of the blog, but we will probably aim to do another on the mainland if this one goes well :-)