Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Where is the hoof going? Brigitte's update

Brigitte  - a Dutch warmblood - arrived just over 2 weeks ago and her initial post is here
She'd been out of shoes for a while but on box rest so it was always going to be interesting to see how her feet changed with movement. Already, a big difference in her hoof profile from the lateral view which is very encouraging. 

There are also big changes in her LF but here there is a severe weak point which you can see highlighted in these photos. The lower photo shows it most clearly as a line traversing the hoof from the palmar aspect, just where there is a kink below the digital cushion.  
 Over time she should grow this weakness out but it will certainly take a few months for that to happen. 
I really like these sole shots and the much more symmetrical picture she is beginning to build. Heels are moving back, the foot is rebalancing and even at this early stage there is lots to be happy about. 

The same story on her RF and from these photos you can also see how the ridge of bar which she came with is starting to disappear as her hoof grows down with a stronger and healthier profile. 
A great first fortnight for Brigitte so fingers crossed for her over the rest of her time here. 

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