Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The whys and wherefores of less than perfect feet

Here is a quick piece of footage for you showing a horse with less than perfect feet. There is considerable deviated hoof wall on the medial aspect of both front feet, more so on the LF.
He is landing heel first but loading the lateral side of both front feet fractionally before the medial side. Its not as severe as the medio-lateral imbalances we see in many of the rehab horses when they arrive but nevertheless is is apparent in slow motion (it would not be to the naked eye).

Bearing in mind the medial deviation, his landing and the article I posted about last week, who'd like to hazard a guess about what is happening here? 

Answers on a postcard or as comments if its easier and there are more clues here which will be familiar to some of you :-)


cptrayes said...

It looks from the photo as if the horse has an outward twist in the cannon bone from just below the knee?

I'm guessing this horse is an unfinished rehab who has not yet balanced his feet to the limb deviation, but heck, what do I know :-)


dreams579 said...

I recognise those feet! I hope he's being his normal cheeky self and enjoying some hunting!:)

not sure why he's landing laterally atm - are those deviations of his doing something weird so that they aren't quite giving him the support/comfort he needs to landing in balance?