Friday, 13 December 2013

Isla's 12 week update

Isla and Dylan arrived on the same day in September so naturally as Dylan has had his 12 week update Isla is due hers as well. 

I'm starting with different angles today and palmar shots are always some of the most interesting, I think. On day one Isla had a reasonable foot.  She had been out of shoes for several weeks but was landing toe first. She also had a tendency to land on the lateral side of this foot and you can see from this angle that the lateral digital cushion (on the left in this view) is more developed than the right. 
The same foot from the same angle at 12 weeks and its on the way to becoming more symmetrical. She also has more depth in the back of the foot if you look at the distance from hairline to ground. 
Here is the same foot from the lateral view, confirming the increase in palmar hoof depth.
She also has a shorter toe and there are changes in medio-lateral balance too but as always it will be another 3-4 months before she has grown the rest of her new hoof capsule.
From the solar view the biggest change is the bigger frog and improved concavity.
This foot will look better again once her new hoof capsule is fully grown in as it will shorten her toe and strengthen the palmar hoof even more.  
More of the same from her right foot, which is good to see, and a clear angle change which will over time allow her a shorter toe and better medio-lateral balance. 

As with the LF, her right foot has a much bigger frog. The foot looks relatively long in the most recent photo, below, but if you look closely you can see the hint in where she is breaking over now that her toe will shorten considerably once her new hoof has grown in. 
At the moment the new growth is at the top of the hoof, meaning that what is on the ground is the old hoof capsule but of course that will all change over the next few weeks and months.  

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