Monday, 2 December 2013

Peter, interesting stances and feet which are bound to change...

New boy Peter arrived yesterday in bar shoes, with a navicular diagnosis and with an interesting stance which I certainly hope will change over the next few weeks. 
We saw several variations in his stance while I was taking the initial shots in his bar shoes, none of which were square - apparently this is characteristic and he is known never to stand square, though his worst foot is his RF.

This is his better front foot, although he also has issues behind - only time will tell if they are secondary or primary so lets keep everything crossed! 
The all important shots of his feet and bar shoes from the palmar/caudal view. Again, I'm hoping for big changes here though his medio-lateral balance on this foot isn't bad at all. 
Onto his worse foot - this is where we'd hope for the biggest changes over the next 3-4 weeks. On this foot he is landing toe first and laterally when viewed in front and its those landings which we want to see change while he is here.
Slightly more under-run than his LF and with a worse landing. 
This isn't a great photo but this foot is genuinely more distorted and lands on the lateral side much more obviously; the tell tale signs are there in the difference between the lateral and medial digital cushions from this angle. 
As always, not a lot to see with a bar shoe but I'll post unshod photos of Peter soon!


amandap said...

Go Pete.

When you think about the bar shoe it totally clamps the hoof, a bit like a cast. We all know that human arms or legs get weaker in plaster casts...

Flynn said...

In the first photo Peter is standing a bit like how I used to stand, but look at me now. Whoop wheee wibble-dee woo. Hopefully he's reached you in time for positive hooferations to occur.