Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Not bad for his final day...

Indy  - whom I blogged about on Friday - has now gone home but we had a special treat in store for his final day. 
There was a meet on our doorstep and his owner Emily and I were both happy that a short and quiet morning on home ground would not only be well within his capabilities (despite him only being halfway through growing a new hoof) but would also send the pair of them home with smiles on their faces.
At first Indy thought we were just all going out exercising on the same old route he had been on countless times before but then he realised that there were lots of extra horses  - not to mention a pack of hounds - at the end of the road. Happy days!
 A very cheerful Indy just after we set off from the meet, even though he wasn't at this stage totally sure what we were all doing.
Once he heard hounds then he was totally focussed on the job in hand - if anything he was a little too ready to up the gears on the beautiful ground we were riding on...
 ...but stony tracks weren't much of a problem either and I expect rock-crunching performance from him  once he has grown a full new hoof - go Indy!

"I am a very clever boy!".


cptrayes said...

I looooooooove the ones where you take a written off horse hunting before it goes home!!!!!!


cptrayes said...
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Nic Barker said...

So do the horses :-)

The Dancing Donkey said...

That certainly looks like fun. It's great to see what these horses do given a chance.

I have just posted an update on my own blog that you might find interesting. It is the latest update on my baby donkey who had nearly a third of his coffin bone surgically removed at 4 months old. His foot has been to the brink and back and is still finding its way. He has also been diagnosed with arthritis, sesamoiditis and navicular abnormalities in that foot, which I believe are the result of nutritional deficiencies.

As you are obviously interested in feet, I thought you would be interested in this:)


Nic Barker said...

Thanks DD - I've looked at your blog before and will go off and have a read :-)