Friday, 16 August 2013

In 4 weeks time...

...we will be at the Rockley Rehabs' Reunion and I hope the weather is vastly improved on how it is today...Mind you, since we will be over in Bucks its almost bound to be better than up on Exmoor.

We've got Wiola coming to teach on Saturday and horse agility as an option on Friday, plus of course the usual huge and excellent array of food, drink, chat, horse facilities and camping.

If you haven't booked but want to come, please get in touch via the RRR website.

Meanwhile, I want some help from you lot.

I didn't offer a scholarship this year because it was just too busy and there were no spaces free at all through spring and summer. However, I was thinking it would be nice to have a nominated charity which could benefit from horses being here - and perhaps we could do something at the RRR as well if anyone has any bright ideas?

But first need ideas about which charity to nominate...Suggestions please?

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cptrayes said...

Riding for the Disabled.

No issues with 'saving' horses who might just as well have been put to sleep.

Helps the most vulnerable people to share our joy of being around horses.

A little money goes a long way.