Friday, 31 May 2013

Four fun Friday updates for the price of one...

With so much to blog this week its only now that I can post updates on four former rehab horses which came in this week and which all made me smile!

First up Big Dave, who went home earlier this year; the biggest horse I have ever seen, let alone our biggest rehab horse at over 19hh. When I lunged him one fine sunny winter's day he memorably made me look like a hobbit!
In fact he is a gentle giant and this was just a display of joie de vivre and I am delighted to say that he has carried on going from strength to strength at home. 

His owner texted me this week to say "Dave is feeling better and better. Just checking its ok to do quite a lot of trot work on the road as he really wants to! I think his hooves are also getting better and better."

Bless him - I imagine the sight of Dave zooming down the road will clear traffic fairly effectively!

Update number 2 is for Storm who was here 3 years ago and whose owner, Kate, has just posted his annual update for her vets and any other interested parties (click on it to see a larger version).
The third update is from Kate and Rolie, who did so well when they started going out competing again last month. They have continued their fantastic run of form.

"Last weekend we went out affiliated and did our Novice Freestyle to Music routine. The judge seemed impressed and gave us 71% and first place which qualified us for the BD regional championships. This weekend we went to a different venue and did the same class and got 71% and 2nd place but a close 2nd to a horse that has been to the BD National Championships so I was thrilled!"

Let us know when the Champs are, Kate, and we will come and cheer you on!

Last but not least an update on Remi from Pip, who has created a blog for him which now also contains their first lesson report

"Lesson was fab, he exceeded all my expectations. Walk, trot, canter. Canter nowhere near as bad as I expected. Needs lots of straightening and suppling work. But was a good start. Starting to feel like a normal horse in school. Loads to work on but a big step forwards today...

It felt very strange to be “riding him properly”. And actually the more I asked of him the better he went, so is a good sign...

I didn’t take a lot of the lesson in, as I was so happy to be actually riding him, and that he was happy and not feeling too bad. :-)

Instructor encouraging and v helpful. And Remi happy, which is great. Remi was very pleased with himself. "
Well done all of you - I am very proud of you and your horses!

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Unknown said...

GREAT to hear about all these horses again I was wondering about big Dave yesterday !