Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Thomas the Third

Thomas arrived on Friday but with such a busy weekend there has been no time to get his photos uploaded till today. He will be known as Thomas the Third on this blog, to save confusion, as there have been 2 other Thomases here before. 
Thomas has had a recurrent lameness which blocks to the palmar hoof and his coffin joint and has been assessed by his vet as being 1-2/10 lame on a circle in trot. On the day he arrived I couldn't get a photo of him standing square and his medio-lateral balance was poor, particularly on his RF, as you can see. 
Surprisingly, he was managing to land heel first despite long toes and under-run heels which is an encouraging start.
From the solar view there is a lot to like about his hooves - decent frogs and a reasonable digital cushion so lets hope Thomas the Third makes progress very quickly over the next few weeks. 


Unknown said...

Stance very similar to beanie on arrival but yes he has a lot more to like with frogs etc

Flynn said...

Good luck Thomas III. May the horse force be with you.