Monday, 13 May 2013

Freddie's first 3 weeks

Freddie has been here nearly 3 weeks and its time for an update. He is an eventer who has competed to intermediate level but had suffered intermittent lameness over the last 6 months. 
The top photo of course shows him the day he arrived and the lower photo is today. Clearly this is still at early stages but its encouraging to see his frog begin to develop and his heels to de-contract.
Freddie had come out of shoes a few weeks before he arrived here and you can see that he had already started to grow in a hoof capsule at a better angle. 
Three weeks later and the nail holes are gone and the new growth is more apparent. You can also see from this angle that the foot is becoming less under-run. 
 Freddie's worse foot was his RF and he was also lamest on this side.
The lateral heel and digital cushion were particularly weak and although thats still the case its good to see them starting to improve.
More on Freddie soon...

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Unknown said...

A good start it seems.