Friday, 24 May 2013

Friday fun

I love this photo - pinched from a video clip of ex-rehab Buster. Jenny sent it to me recently with a great email: 

"Kirsty took him to the Plumpton College Show today and they had a fantastic time. Things are just getting better and better. He is moving better than ever and his feet are doing him proud as he was sure footed and never slipped once on the quite damp grass. 

Here is some footage of his jumping class and they both look so happy. The jumps are small but it was a great start and it gave a huge boost of confidence to both of them.This time last year we were treading on egg shells, worried about everything as he had only been home for three months but look at him now. 
This is the pony that we were told would probably never trot or canter again. We went through such a heart breaking time, something I would never want to experience again but now things are so different. He is happy, relaxed and loving life and we are so proud of him. 

He is doing really well and he came third and fourth in the Working Hunter and the Ridden Cob out of twelve in each class and got a clear round. 

His feet look great and his hinds are changing shape as he gets fitter as there were a bit of a weird shape for a while but he is sound as a bell and loving life so we are going to have a great summer and are looking forward to the RRR."

Gotta love Buster :-) I can't wait to see him again and the reunion between him and his best buddy Bryan should be something to behold at the RRR!

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Unknown said...

Just great Jenny's comment that he's getting better and better! Happy endings.