Thursday, 17 November 2011

Yesterday and a hundred years ago

Last weekend I couldn't hunt on horseback (much to the irritation of Felix and Dexter!) but it was such a stunning day that I went on foot to the meet and took my camcorder.  Hounds met in the Brendon valley and - if you overlook the presence of the odd car and quad bike - it was a scene which could have been last week or a hundred years ago.
Charlie and Andy had a lovely day, of course, as I think everyone did.

I've compressed a lavish 45 minute meet into 3 minutes of film but I hope you enjoy the clip - it makes for a fun Thursday film anyway - not much action but a timeless occasion when Exmoor and the foxhounds looked fantastic.


jenj said...

So beautiful! So jealous!

Cristina said...

Jealous :-)

That clip does have my worst nightmare in there though, somebody going past a horse with a tray of edibles, not sure if they'd get past Frankie in one piece with food.

Lisa said...

That was lovely!

Samantha Beckett said...

Wow what a day - I so need to come up and take some more photographs...... Sam