Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sunny day scrapbook: part two

We had a beautiful weekend  - sunny and warm, perhaps the last one we will have before the snow and ice descends(!)...Clare was down to see Paul, who is going home next week, and reminded me that she has never been down in bad weather - I find it hard to believe myself...
I took Zan, who was loving the sunshine, along with the dogs, who are fairweather opportunists as well. 
Paul putting his best foot forward...though his other feet are looking pretty good too...
Sorry for the haphazard blogging but I am hoping and believing that it will be back on via satellite later this week. 

A quick Paddy update - I spoke to the vet today and he is still doing well  but has not yet got full gut function back, though we are hoping for more progress soon. 

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