Sunday, 27 November 2011


I'm just in the throes of updating the Project Dexter info - the details on horses who have been diagnosed with navicular/DDFT/collateral ligament damage and assessed by their vets against the project's standard lameness assessment since 2008.
The exciting news is that there are now 39 horses within the project - of course some are still undergoing rehab but its encouraging that the majority are all back in work.  Most are working at the same level or higher than before they went lame; there are 2 who did not come back into work, though they improved and one who still has intermittent issues.

It will take me a few days to get the results completely updated but let me know if you'd like a copy by email.  I can't post it on the blog unfortunately because it has too many tables...

Big thanks to all the owners, vets and even the odd insurance company who have helped make the project a reality.  I'll carry on collecting the info and it will also go out to the vets as soon as I've finished the current update.

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