Wednesday, 9 November 2011

New boy Thomas

We had a new horse, Thomas (who is 3/4 TB and 1/4 Welsh pony, a feisty mix!), arrive at the weekend, whose footage I will put up as soon as I am back online properly. He has been out of shoes for a while but he was still loading his hooves as if he was shod - in other words peripherally - and landing toe first. 
As you can see, even though I was nearly taking photos in the dark, he has the typical caudal hoof of a "navicular" horse with high heels and weak frogs - I will try and get better photos in due course(!). 
Thomas has spent the last few days meeting the rest of the gang which he has found quite exciting; he has been on his own for the last year as his companion pony died so to find himself one of a much bigger herd is a lot to take in and he has to do lots of walking and trotting around to find out what on earth is going on when the horses are spread out round the various yards and tracks. 


Sophie L. Baker said...

Hi Nic,

Good to hear that my little monster is settling in okay. I'm sure he's forgotten that he's "incurably" lame and is charging round causing trouble. Incidently his show name (not on his passport) is "Double Trouble", perhaps I sould have warned you... He is used to living with one or two ponies so a big herd of big horses is a novelty to him - I bet he's showing off his best gymnastics to make up for his lack of stature.

Best wishes,

Nic Barker said...

That explains a lot Sophie ;-) he is actually settling in well and I think will be bossing the big boys soon! Will try and get some photos once it stops raining(!).

jenj said...

Teehee! I can't wait to hear more about Thomas - he sounds like quite the little monster! It's always the, um, "vertically challenged" ones who are the most entertaining, I think.