Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Useful things: CCTV [Warning - this one is expensive!]

I am in the throes of doing a LONG post on medio-lateral balance for the hoof anoraks out there - it should be up later this week but its not finished yet...partly because I have been spending a few hours setting up the latest Useful Thing to hit Rockley. 
Its something I've had in mind for a while but when I last looked at it (nearly 2 years ago) the exorbitant expense ruled it out, especially for a remote location where wiring everything up wasn't an option.  I investigated it again a couple of weeks ago, partly because with Paddy in the barn, needing regular check ups, I was looking for a way of monitoring him without having to be stomping up there in the middle of the night!
At the same time, the idea of having better security and monitoring was appealing and I found a company who specialise in wireless technology for locations which are off the beaten track.  It's still relatively expensive but a whole lot cheaper than it used to be.

Admittedly I had to psych myself up for a few days before opening all the boxes and connecting all the bits and pieces but after a few phone calls to the company its now up and running and I think will make a BIG difference to my peace of mind. Its particularly cool that it films in the dark - this is a huge novelty for me  - so I may even treat you to some fuzzy infra-red footage one day ;-)

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cptrayes said...

Oui should've asked Allan :-)

We've had it since our car got nicked 18 months ago. Eight cameras on movement activated recording. I love it.