Monday 31 October 2011

Sunny day scrapbook

Well, the internet is playing up again(!) but I've managed to grab a couple of sunny day pics over the weekend. More when the connection comes back on...
Taz surveys his kingdom
Knightley and Paddy


jenj said...

So green! So sunny!

So... cold? The horses look bundled to their eyeballs!

Funder said...

Dunno if you know this, but you can blog via email. If your phone can send email, or even if you can email but not browse the web from your computer, you can still post to Blogger. Here's how. The only drawback is it's really tricky to attach pictures.

Nic Barker said...

Thanks, Funder :-) I've used that route before buy as you say it's the lack of pics and video that are the drawback :-(
I'll keep it for emergencies but I really hope I will be beck online soon...not today though...(!)

Many thanks! N