Wednesday 5 October 2011


What a great week so far...despite the weather, rehab has gone Disney and everything I am hearing from owners is, as Fayley said, "happy ever after"!  Let's just enjoy it while it lasts ;-).

First off, Fayley and Isha:

"Big woohoo day for us today :) Took Isha for a gallop on the beach - relaxed, forward and responsive, mile long gallop and she is totally SOUND!!! and loved every minute :) Sadly no photos today to share with you (but there will be a next time!) :)"

Next up, Lucie and Sol, who celebrated their 1 year barefoot anniversary with a fast 9 mile ride and a foot inspection(!):

"Nadia came out to see Soli tonight and she is really pleased with his progress :) He happily stomped right across the very stoney carpark and is generally feeling very happy :) She said his feet were looking really good and said he was much better than when she saw him last time, a different horse :) and he is still landing heel first with big frogs :) yay!! x"

Not to be forgotten, Cristina and Frankie, who is on great form and back jumping again (though I don't think he has had a second day out hunting yet!).
Also this week, Pocholo went home (with Kingsley) to their new yard in Hampshire.  I've got footage and photos to post as well but in the meantime a great photo and comment from Annette:

"I took Mr P for a gentle hack yesterday. I'm pleased to say that he was far more lively than on Monday and went very "Spanish" in his excitement at being somewhere new! He walked out happily on grass, concrete and a sharp stony track. My completely non-horsey mum was walking behind us, and even she commented on how comfortable he looked :-). Thank you!!!"

And last but not least, an exciting snippet from Tiffany about Oscar:

"I promise to send that video of Oz looking like the superstar he is soon - as soon as I can tie someone down to do the filming...he is in tremendous form and looks like we will compete this winter...eek, emotional moment coming methinks..."

Late blog today, I am afraid, and I am really behind on footage - lots to put up as soon as I get a minute...!

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