Saturday 29 October 2011

Quote of the week

This came a couple of days ago, from a conversation I was having with a vet whose client wants her horse to come here.

I have a lot of these types of conversations with vets, and  - so far - despite lots of sceptical vets, I've never yet had one refuse to allow a horse to come here.  Its rare though that I have such an enthusiastic response as I had from this vet :-)
When he first called, we had a good chat with me explaining what the elements of rehab were and him giving me the background on the horse.  He was very positive about the horse coming here and I offered to send him the detailed information on Project Dexter, as I always do, and a synopsis of what rehab involves.

That's normally the last I hear, until I start sending the vet updates on how the horse is progressing, but to my surprise I had another call the next day and he had read the information and just wanted to check a couple of details.  he seemed if anything even more enthusiastic about the horse coming for rehab and finished with the classic line: "I'm very interested - after all shoes aren't a natural solution." :-)


jenj said...

Wow, lucky for you (and the horse's owner!) to have such an open-minded vet! I hope all goes well with this horse's rehab.

Val said...

That is very refreshing!

Andrea said...

If someone's vet ever refused to allow a horse to come to your farm, then that person would need to fire that vet!

Nic Barker said...

Thanks guys :-) so far none of the vets have refused :-) lets hope that continues ;-)