Monday, 3 October 2011

The further adventures of the Rockley Rehab Pony Club

We had another convention of the Rockley Rehab Pony Club this weekend, with Nicky down to see Dillon, just a few days before he goes home, and Debbie and Lea visiting Paddy and Taz.
Dillon and Paddy playing grey statues
They have all been here in grotty wet weather recently, so it was a just reward for their dedication that this time summer arrived in October! 
Very shiny Taz :-) 
Exmoor is looking fantastic and all the rehab boys were pleased to be out, even though they got rather hot and sticky in the process.  
Debbie and Paddy, having mastered Rockley's terrain, are up for it!
Taz out in front in his preferred spot and striding out.  
Dillon and Paddy were not too sure that it was worth the effort until they got onto the top and found the breeze and flatter ground. 
Dillon - what a poser...
and Paddy, just as bad...(!)
The boys trucking on out
On the way home, downhill and cruising - not bad for a bunch of rehab horses!


Lainey said...

They all look totally fab, well done.xxxxxxxxxx

Lucie said...

what great pictures, they all look fab :)