Saturday 1 October 2011

Horse of the week? Of course its Solomon!

Its hard to believe but its a year ago yesterday that Solomon arrived at Rockley for the first time, after more than a year of lameness, a poor veterinary prognosis and an assessment of being 5-6/10 lame.  
Solomon is already famous as my celery poster boy but in the week of his anniversary he clearly had to also be Horse of the Week!
His owner, Lucie, has had way more than her fair share of the ups and downs of the barefoot rollercoaster and has proved that though barefoot rehab can work extremely well, its definitely not an easy option and is totally reliant on owner dedication.
There have been fantastic achievements but also traumatic setbacks, with obstacles thrown up by bad trimming, nutritional challenges and even saddle fit. 
Throughout it all, Soli has remained as determined and cheeky as always, and Lucie has stuck by him and shown incredible commitment, doing whatever it took to help Soli get back on track.  Lucie and Soli, we salute you and hope all your troubles are behind you!

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jenj said...

Such a handsome boy, and what a fantastic "comeback" story! Here's to many more years of Soli success!