Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Oscar and angle changes

I've already posted about Oscar, and how his feet are changing, but its time for new photos.  Here are some I took this week - unfortunately with flash, although it didn't seem dark at the time...(!). I've taken his left front and you can see the beginning of the change in angle of his hoof.  
The line in this photo - which projects the new angle of his hoof capsule once its grown in - makes the change more obvious.  The under-run heel should improve along with the better toe angle, although thats hard to chart at the moment.
Oscar's 2 main issues are his twisted left front foot - and the consequent effect that has on loading his hooves - and his long toes and weak caudal hoof.  Of course, both will take time to improve and they are inter-dependent, but he is certainly doing his best to catch up with Dilly!
Oscar - left front day one
Oscar - left front today


Dom said...

Those are some wicked toes.

jenj said...

My goodness, what an impressive change already. Go Oscar!