Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The BEST news from old friends

The weather was so gorgeous over the weekend that obviously everyone was inspired to get out and about and - more importantly for me - to take photos  - brilliant!

First off there was Lucie's great news about Solomon, which I put up on Sunday - and here is his photo, which I've pinched off Facebook  - doesn't he look wonderful, albeit, as Lucie says, a bit hot and sticky?!
Then I had an email from Fayley, updating me with Isha's progress - its hard to believe she only went home last month!

"Just thought I would give you a little update on how Isha is doing, she is still a very happy girl and I'm loving every minute of having her home (well almost, the welsh mountain cross ponies I have brought home to keep her company have shown up that although my hedges are horse proof they are no match for scrambling ponies, so we've spent a good few hours putting up new fencing - with lots of 'Now I remember why I don't keep ponies!!' remarks shouted at them as they find yet another escape hole!).
Isha has decided that new hoof growth is far too slow and trundling along gently isn't her style so she chose to up the pace this week and is happily striding along on the level tracks, trotting merrily on the roads and although she is still picking her way along rough tracks she's less tentative, so I'm very pleased with how she's feeling.

She is still slightly short in trot on that weak RF [This is the foot where the abscess left lots of old damage which hasn't yet fully grown out], especially if we've done a good hours ride the day before but if I'm trotting her after a couple of days off it is barely noticeable (I'm probably more aware of it because I am looking for it). I would be happy to keep her at walk but she likes to have at least a little trot most days so I let her choose the pace.
RF - old damage just visible on lateral heel
Yesterday after 4 days off she did our usual 40 minute hack in 25 minutes - striding out in trot and absolutely loving it and very happy on her hooves :) 

Her walk is beautifully level and she really stomps along, I am obsessed with her action and keep leaning over the saddle to stare at her heel first confident landing - even I am starting to think I may be a little odd as it gives me so much pleasure to see :)
I've attached some pics after an impromptu hoof photo session today, we'd just ridden though a deep puddle so had clean hooves for a change and were on a relatively flat track and as we don't have any even surfaces at home I thought I'd jump off and take some pics. 
They were only on my little camera phone so there is a little distortion so her toe looks a little long and the hoof asymmetric but it is just the camera angle.
Isha didn't appreciate having to stand still in the middle of a lovely ride and looked in disgust at me as if to say 'what IS the fascination with my feet, just get back on and ride!' haha :)
Just thought you may like them for the interest of any blog readers who may wonder how hooves cope once they go home - I can happily say Isha's hooves are totally beautiful since leaving Rockley 4 weeks ago. She lives in less than ideal conditions out 24/7 on wet clay fields so very soft muddy ground. They have maintained a naturally rolled edge and short toe, on 30 to 60 minute hacks 3 to 4 times a week, 90% of which is on roads the rest on rough tracks. "

Wiola is continuing to post updates on Kingsley regularly on her blog and he is doing really well - there is a lovely post here, from Friday, but yesterday had a visit from his bodyworker.  She hadn't seen him since October and it was a chance for her to assess whether his new feet really do suit him :-)  
She was very pleased with him, and as you can see Kingsley lapped up all the attention - you can read Wiola's full blog post here

And last but not least, some gorgeous sunny photos of our beloved Dexter, out doing dressage (he came third!) this weekend. What a clever boy :-)

Kelly is having to move up to London, so Dexter is looking for a new home - if anyone is looking for a barefoot superstar and can offer a truly 5 * home to a totally 5* horse, email me and I will put you in touch with Kelly.

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