Monday, 21 March 2011

Oscar update

I took some new footage of Oscar over the weekend.  He has now been here 4 weeks and as you can see from the video has just started to improve his landing.    Its not that he has been slower than Dilly, its just that - as you can see - he had an enormous amount of hoof changes to attend to in the meantime, as well as sorting out his bioemechanics.
 LF day one
 LF immediately out of shoes
LF after 3 weeks
His heels and frog are broadening and becoming stronger - the frog may look a bit tatty but its actually much more robust than it was!
LF after 4 weeks
Along with big changes in his hooves, there are changes in how his limbs are loading too.   Although these changes are improving his biomechanics,  changes in loading mean challenges to muscles, tendons and ligaments as they get used to new stresses and this is a slow process. 
 Day 1
Immediately out of shoes
After 4 weeks

Oscar - updated footage from Nic Barker on Vimeo.


smazourek said...

Has his left fore straightened itself out? There's a big difference in the before and after shots.

Nic Barker said...

Its probably partly a quirk of the photos, but to me it does look straighter "in real life" too. However, as with Patsy, that means I have to be very cautious about what he does as there are massive changes happening and tendons and ligaments in particular are vulnerable till his hoof capsule is more supportive.